2019 Kitchen Trends

A kitchen is the most central room in the house. It’s the place where we spend most of our time as a family, as well as entertaining guests – so it makes sense to give the space a makeover every once in a while. However, much like any renovation, updating your kitchen can be an overwhelming task. For some, you may not know where to even begin with the abundance of kitchen design ideas out there. But, having been part of some of the most beautiful kitchen renovations Adelaide has seen, we thought we’d share some of our favourite 2019 kitchen trends to help kick start your kitchen renovation journey.

Our top 2019 kitchen trends

While a lot has changed in the past year for kitchen designs, you will see remnants of 2018 trends throughout this list. And while design evolution is what we live for, updating a kitchen is a big project. As Adelaide custom home builders we regularly see trends come and go, which is why we’ve picked these top trends with consideration. While they may be trending this year, and design shifts are always inevitable, you can be confident that these design ideas will carry through the years and enable you to tweak and update where necessary.

1. Concealed storage

Storage forever reigns as an integral part of kitchen design, and 2019 kitchen trends significantly play on this. Clever, concealed storage solutions are the way for any modern kitchen – especially maximised storage that makes use of the space from the floor to the ceiling, without being too obvious. Cabinetry that is disguised within the walls make for a clean and concealed integration between everyday living and luxury interior design. There’s no denying that while trends move on, you will forever remain grateful for maximised storage space.

2019 kitchen trends: concealed storage
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2. Pendant light fixtures

Statement pendant light fixtures are an important element in 2019 kitchens trends. Offering a sculptural aesthetic, these hanging lights will become a main feature of your kitchen space. Hanging over the countertop also establishes the kitchen as a central meeting area where guests, family and friends can gather around over drinks and nibbles while cooking takes place. Pendant lighting works to lift the entire space while simultaneously setting the tone of your design intentions, be that mid century modern, classic, contemporary or art deco.

2019 kitchen trends: pendant light fixtures
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3. Matte black cabinetry

Bright white kitchens are out and all black cabinetry is in – matte black to be exact. Trends for 2019 are leaning towards darker kitchens and a moodier feel, and matte black cabinetry is hitting the criteria perfectly. Kitchens are becoming a space for drama and elegance, becoming much more than a space for cooking and eating, and taking center stage as a place for entertaining.

2019 kitchen trends: matte black cabinetry
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4. Open shelving

Another trending storage option for 2019 kitchens is open shelving. If you’re a fan of that “cluttered” feel, then replacing your upper cabinets with open shelving is a great move. Many kitchens are drawing upon inspiration from hotel and retail spaces, highlighting elements such as metal, wood and glass in their shelving. This type of storage also presents the opportunity to showcase your most valued glassware and crockery. Integrate your dinnerware with your interior and display pieces that blend with your kitchens colour palette and style. 

2019 kitchen trends: open shelving
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5. Industrial surfaces

Amongst the top 2019 kitchen trends are industrial surfaces. This is seen in countertops, kitchen backsplashes and flooring through raw materials such as concrete, burnished metals and industrial tones. Think rusty copper and tarnished concrete. While subway tiles were pathing the way to kitchens in 2018, kitchen designers this year are taking a more stripped back approach. Such surfaces capture a raw metropolitan aesthetic that lends kitchens a modern yet industrial feel that will always be on trend.

2019 kitchen trends: industrial surfaces
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6. Stand out sinks

While the traditional farmhouse sink is still a much loved dishwashing option, unique statement-making sinks are taking over in 2019. From intricate fixtures to bold basins, the common kitchen sink has taken an unexpected turn in the kitchen realm. As another central piece in our kitchens, it makes sense to have a statement sink. The idea of a standard kitchen essential receiving a facelift makes for a talking point that guests and homebodies will love – plus it makes doing the dishes a little more exciting.

2019 kitchen trends: standout sinks
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7. Pops of colour

Featuring pops of colour within a neutral colour palette is another 2019 kitchen trend that we love. Whether it’s in your upholstery or your large appliances, making bold statements with bold colours will definitely keep your kitchen on the radar. The key to colour popping in the kitchen, is keeping it simple. Restrict the colourful addition to one area in the space. This will make the colour stand out while adding a unique and quirky touch to your modern kitchen. This trend works particularly well for coastal home designs where neutral colour schemes are prominent and a bit of colour is desired.

2019 kitchen trends: pops of colour
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8. Open kitchen and living areas

In a world where entertaining guests is everyone’s favourite past time, there’s no wonder why open kitchen and living areas are a go-to in 2019 kitchen trends. While this is nothing new, the idea of one cohesive living space is proving to be a preferable option for home owners who love entertaining. From everyday living, to small dinner parties to large gatherings, keeping the kitchen, dining and living room as one makes for a warm and welcoming environment. Strategic lighting can help differentiate these individual areas, while the large open space will keep the entire room cohesive. This living layout is especially popular in two storey homes builders where space is limited. A cohesive living area opens up the lower storey, creating a more spacious and commodious experience in the home.

2019 kitchen trends: open kitchen and living area
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These top 2019 kitchen trends have shown us that practicality is always key in the kitchen. However, while the kitchen is a space for practical living, we shouldn’t be afraid to take risks in our everyday lives. Experiment with colours schemes, strategic lighting or unique kitchen sinks and you’re on your way to a beautiful new kitchen that you can be proud of.

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