Experience makes the difference, and Chris Duthy brings over 30 years experience in the construction industry to Duthy Homes. Chris began his career in 1976 with a carpentry apprenticeship, obtaining his Builder's License in 1988 and quickly establishing a reputation for building quality additions and renovations. By 1992 our company had branched into the construction of new and custom built homes.

Our commitment to maintaining high standards of workmanship has led to valued industry recognition. We have been awarded many times over the years and our reputation has grown through those accolades. Duthy Homes is now well known throughout Adelaide with a portfolio of projects that demonstrates versatility and individuality.

Chris Duthy doesn’t just lend his name to the business but his passion for building too. As a Duthy Homes client you can expect Chris, together with Designer Melanie Lewis, to work closely with you. Chris and Melanie stay involved in your project from start to finish, getting to know you and ensuring your satisfaction at every stage. You won’t be frustrated with a hierarchy of staff to communicate with because Chris and Melanie are your personal project managers. They take the time to show you what is happening on the job site and personally supervise all trades assigned to your project.

Chris and Melanie become so much a part of the process that you will often find both of them on the job site, working alongside trades people to do whatever is necessary to deliver an outcome. You may hear them describe Duthy Homes as delivering ‘handmade custom homes’ and this is no exaggeration. They don’t just hand the work over to others to complete but remain ‘hands-on’ until you take delivery of the keys. It explains why Duthy Homes are able to proudly deliver consistently high quality every time.



Master Builder of the Year - Contract Home Builder 2014

2014 Excellence in a Contract Home $700,000 to $1 million

2014 Excellence in a Contract Home $1 million to $1.5 million

2006 Commendation for New Contract Home over $500,000

2004 Excellence in a Renovation or Addition $200,000 - $300,000

2003 Excellence in Medium Density Development (2-5 Dwellings)

2002 Excellence in a Renovation or Addition over $200,000

2001 Excellence in a Renovation or Addition over $150,000

Master Builders Association ‘Building Excellence Award’