elegant garden landscaping ideas

A distinctive and well-thought out landscape design can give your home a sense of understated sophistication. It can also simultaneously hint at the design surprises inside! Naturally, no home is ever complete without a stunning front and backyard, but of course, it’s much more than just planting flowers and creating a stone path. Your garden landscape should accentuate your home, make for an instantly inviting space for guests and be your own personal oasis.

With so many different garden landscaping ideas, it can be difficult to choose the perfect design for you; especially if you’re renovating or have signed up with Adelaide custom home builders! To make things easier, we’ve collated our top five garden landscaping styles that will inspire you to beautify your home’s exterior.

5 garden landscaping ideas to inspire you

1. English-style garden

The charming gardens of England have long been admired for their lush green lawns, abundance of flowers and trimmed hedges. When it comes to designing an English garden, there are three iconic types: classic, country and cottage. Where the classic is picturesque and well-manicured, the country and cottage exude more of a rustic and intimate feel.

In a classic English garden, geometrical shapes dominate. Pathways (brick-paved or gravel) and neatly trimmed hedges provide a neat framework for the garden, while roses and flowers are carefully sprinkled throughout. Water features or statues can also be incorporated as unique focal points.

Quintessential English country and cottage gardens, on the other hand, look intentionally unplanned. The garden is a dense mix-and-match of greenery and colour, irregular pathways are filled with profusions of flowers, and wooden benches are strategically placed to lure visitors to sit awhile and ponder. It’s an image of romance and resplendence.

By adopting just a few basic design principles, you can easily capture the essence of an English garden. These garden landscaping ideas are sure to frame your home beautifully and add a delightful touch to your home’s exterior.

English garden landscaping ideas
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2. Japanese Zen

Japanese Zen gardens are the epitome of harmony and serenity. Established in the sixth century as an aid to meditation, and later used to teach Zen principles and concepts, these gardens are places of contemplation and reflection. If you need a little Zen in your life, then these gardens are for you.

In Zen gardens, rocks, moss, gravel/sand and pruned evergreen trees and shrubs are carefully arranged. Rocks, in particular, are a key design component of Zen gardens. Depending on the size and silhouette, the rocks can symbolise an island, a mountain, and even the five natural elements. Lanterns and small wooden bridges are also often incorporated into Zen gardens.

Zen gardens are usually surrounded by a wall or a perimeter of trained topiaries, but if that isn’t possible for you there’s no reason you can’t adopt some other Zen garden landscaping ideas and experiment! Japanese Zen gardens are especially great for coastal home designs – just imagine sitting in your backyard, relaxing and listening to the crashing waves.

Japanese Zen garden landscaping ideas
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3. Minimalist & contemporary

Minimalist and contemporary gardens encapsulate simplicity and elegance. Using a limited number of design elements, these gardens are all about space and how it’s used. They also show that a garden can be beautiful while being low-maintenance and uncluttered.

Following similar trends in interior design, these garden landscaping ideas have a rather limited palette. Neutral hardscape materials, like wood, limestone, bluestone and granite are popular, and clean bold lines are dominant. When it comes to minimalist and contemporary gardens, voluminous shapes and profusions of colours are long gone. Because of their simple design, contemporary landscape gardens are perfect for outdoor dining spaces and fire pit entertaining areas.

minimalist and contemporary garden landscaping ideas
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4. Tropical

Tropical garden designs are fun, lush and vibrant outdoor spaces. Garden beds are filled to the brim with colourful, tropical flowers, and pathways are lined with palm trees and droopy ferns. If you want a relaxing escape from the everyday hustle and bustle, these tropical garden landscaping ideas are perfect for you. These gardens are all about reflecting the beauty of tropical environments, which is why you’ll often find water features and exotic vegetation. If you have the space, a swimming pool would add that extra finishing touch – making your home feel like a tropical resort!

Tropical garden landscaping ideas
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5. Native

While Australia is most known for its unique fauna, you simply can’t overlook our gorgeous native flora – and it’s all available right on our doorsteps! Incorporating native Australian plants and flowers into your garden landscaping is a stunning way to add character to your home’s exterior. Not to mention, Australian native plants are incredibly easy to maintain and suit almost any garden or climate! To get you inspired, here are a few beautiful Australian garden landscaping ideas. First, use natural stone and timber. Timber decking/steps, crushed granite or sandstone give a lovely, soft appearance to your garden and pay homage to the neutral hues of the Australian outback. Secondly, use a wide variety of Australian native plants – including trees, shrubs, grasses and groundcovers (such as wattle, eucalyptus, kangaroo paw etc.). Don’t be too precise in planting your vegetation either – avoid straight lines and formal hedges, and try to add contrasting foliage in sections.

Australian native garden landscaping ideas
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There you have it – 5 elegant garden landscaping ideas that will elevate your home to the next level! Whether you plan to use these ideas for your front or backyard, they’ll be the perfect complement to your contemporary interior designs. Not to mention, you can recreate these garden styles with either a landscape architect or a little DIY! As custom double and single storey home builders, we believe in working with you to create your dream home. Whether it’s a custom built home or the best home renovations adelaide has ever seen, Duthy Homes are only a call or email away.

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