Building a home is a very personal journey. Our needs are constantly changing throughout life as our interests and our families evolve, so many questions need to be answered about your expectations. What do you want this home to be?


Whether it is a family home, a couple’s retreat, an entertainer’s show piece or an investment, Duthy Homes can deliver exactly what you want, built to a standard of quality that makes owning a custom home such a privilege.


When you think about what a custom built home means, think of clothing that is custom tailored to fit you. A custom home doesn’t mean you take someone else’s plan and change a few of the dimensions… it’s all about having something that fits you and your lifestyle perfectly. You can move in it, it feels good and it looks terrific on you.


Chris Duthy and Mel Lewis want you to experience custom tailoring for your new home, measuring up your needs and bringing you a design and building service that can create a one-off original. At Duthy Homes we are excited to begin this process with you.


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Design & Construct Service
Leon Meyer Architects has developed a portfolio of 12 exclusive single and 2-storey designs, including 3D views for Duthy Homes' clients, each with provision to add, delete or vary to suit a client's personal needs. Clients are welcome to come into the office and view the entire range, including floor plans, all able to be adapted as required.

Sample 3D views from Leon Meyer’s portfolio below: